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20 juin 2020

When the Wedding planner agency Dites moi Oui in Marseille contacted me to tell me about a Brazilian couple who wanted to get married in Provence, followed by the programme Zone Interdite on M6, I was immediately seduced. A wedding in the colours of Provence in a grandiose setting leaves room for a lot of inspiration and possibilities. Welcome to the Domaine de Manville (Maussane in the Luberon) It was without counting on the beautiful meeting between Renatta Chapmann, floral designer based in Sao Polo, Brazil and Joel Matsuoka, florist designer also based in Sao Paulo.  Both are an incredible team who have created the most luxurious weddings in the world.  Marina & Philippe, the bride and groom wanted to surround themselves with their Brazilian wedding planning teams, their hairdressers, their makeup artists, their dressmaker, their photographer EuKawedding and their filmaker.  Orchestrated by Renatta in collaboration with Joèl, we followed a common thread that mixes Provence and the warmth of Brazil. An ideal blend for a wedding where emotion came to pierce the M6 screens to the delight of the viewers and the future bride and groom.

L'Art Qui Pousse- mariage provence

L'Art Qui Pousse- mariage provence


It was in 2002, I was 28 years old and pregnant with my daughter Liz, and I loved this little flower shop that I had called "A Fleur de Pot". Eric Témim, a journalist for M6's Capital programme, called me and explained that he wanted to produce a programme on the underside of the florist's profession. Without any hesitation, I said Yes, not that I liked to make a TV show, but I thought it was important to show the constraints and the different stages we have to go through before having the pleasure of making a bouquet.

A team met me at the Floral Market, La Sica fleurs in Hyères at 3.30am. After an early morning debriefing, they followed me through all the stages of my purchases.

La Sica Marché is a must for all florists in the South East of France. It is a form of auction. The local growers lay down their flowers each morning, set a price and agree a price with the sellers. The auction starts at 5am.

All florists and buyers are in position! Buying is a real job, knowing how to select flower varieties, buying the right quantity is learned over time.

Once the sale was over, the M6 team followed me to my shop, filmed the placing of the flowers in my shop and finally the making of different bouquets.

A great experience!


A very lovely expérience !